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A Deep Pantry – What It Is and Why You Need One

A food pantry is vital if you’re trying to gain some control over the craziness of food prices. I know – if you’re like most people, you’re often wondering how to make ends meet, and food is often one of the largest categories in your budget. Well, let me give you one of my best ways […]

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Is It Possible To Can Banana?

 This is a guest post from long-time reader Exile. Before he begins, I need to make it very clear that there is no USDA approved method of canning banana. Use your own judgment. Bananas are a dense, low acid food, which opens up the risk of botulism. Certainly, there is no way to process them […]

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Food Storage and Allergies

Can you do food storage if you have allergies? Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course you can. It just takes a little bit of planning ahead. Let me tell you a little bit about the food situation in our family. Our 7 year old is allergic to cow’s milk with a sensitivity to soy.  The other […]

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