Focus On The Growth

So far much of what we talked about has been very negative. Yes, the end goal has been increased peace of mind and happiness, but to get there, we had to wade through all the ugly stuff first and work hard at forgiving it. Welcome to Day Twenty Eight of 30 Days to Forgiveness!

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While that’s certainly a big part of the story, it isn’t all of it.

In any situation, no matter how ugly or sad, there’s almost always something good, or something good is coming out of it.

Do you want an example?

As I was being wheeled into the operating room for my brain surgery, with warnings from my surgeon that death, blindness or a long-term coma were all very likely outcomes, it seemed that there was nothing good to be seen. I had three sons, one of them only five months old, that had a good chance of losing their mother.

And yet, of course, everything went well beyond expectations. My constant headaches, seizures, hallucinations, and other problems were gone and I was able to build a life that seemed impossible to that point.

If nothing else, our negative experiences help us grow and shape us into the people we are today. In other words, there’s something good to be found in just about any situation.

Sometimes it takes a lot of looking, though.

If you’ve been following along with this series, there has been a lot of information. I’ve repeated the really important things a few times, taking the information from different angles, but it is still a lot to absorb and integrate into your life. So if you’ve been following along and going through the motions, but you’re not really seeing any progress, that’s okay.

In fact, it’s to be expected.

If you’ve been following along and not really seeing progress, that’s okay.

Stop, though, and appreciate just how far you’ve come. Have you seen any positive changes from this journey through forgiveness?

I expect that you have.

If you’ve been keeping any sort of a journal, now is the time to dig it out and start looking back at the entries. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at how much progress you’ve made. It can be a lot of fun to look back to the beginning and see the changes in your thoughts and feelings.

If you haven’t been keeping a journal, take a moment and look back at the earlier posts and emails. This can jog your memory and help you think back to how you felt about forgiveness when we started. You’ll see how much you’ve learned and refresh the tips and strategies.

Sometimes you really do have to dig deep the find the good.

I know.

Anyone who knows me and who knows the story of my life, knows that I have really had to dig deep at times.

In the story of Polyanna, she wishes for a new doll. When the missionary barrel arrives, there is no doll. There is, however, a pair of crutches. Polyanna is disappointed but her father said she had something to be grateful for – she could be very grateful that she didn’t need the crutches.

There’s your mission for today – find at least a few positive things that you’ve learned or that have happened since this series began! This will give you the energy and drive to keep going!


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