Oh, yes, you can homestead!

Stop Believing the Homesteading Lies

You don't need to be in the deep woods, own a herd of goats or even have a garden. You can do it where you are, and start right now. Homesteading - Advanced Sustainable and Self-reliant Living - can be done in a big city apartment, if that's where you are.  

When I started homesteading, I couldn't find a real back-to-the-land cookbook
So I wrote it.
  • Nearly 1000 recipes.  That's not a typo. This book is massive. Over 300 pages, 8 1/2x11", packed with value.
  • Off-grid and pantry friendly. Although useful anywhere,  this book focuses on helping you fill your pantry from home-grown food and then using what you store.
  • Easy to use. Who has time for long, complicated recipes? These can be made with children underfoot.

Subscribers get access to Homesteading Without a Homestead, a sample of the cookbook and so much more.

Why Wait? Get A Cabin Full of Food now:

Get control of your food budget by cooking like Grandma

About the Author

I am Marie. I'm a mother of a large family (six children, with four under ten!), author, wifefriend. We live in rural Nova Scotia, a jewel of a province on Canada's east coast.

We began our journey as urban homesteaders in a dark basement apartment in a large city, learning to make cheese and preserve food.

Then we moved to an off-grid cabin in the deep woods, miles from neighbours, schools or hospitals.​ Our youngest child was actually born in the cabin! We learned a hard lesson there - you can live without a lot of things, but you can't live without other people.

Today we're in a tiny village, minutes from the town where I grew up, and taking steps to turn a gorgeous old house back into a sustainable, solar-powered homestead. It's the best of both worlds for me!